real food for real  pets + dog wash to the max

We're passionate about pets and transparency.  

We've studied nutrition, AAFCO labeling & ingredient rules, clinical trials, and your stories including our own. We've seen your pets thrive & we've experienced firsthand the benefits of feeding fresh foods to our fur kids.

We're here to connect & to share with you what we've learned, if you're interested. Call to schedule a free nutritional consultation. We can explore anything you'd like! 

Why Choose Us?

We want to provide transparency around food, nutrition & supplements. We've spent thousands of hours researching and studying so that we could provide the best whole food commercial & small batch options on the market. We love supporting other small businesses and seek out partnerships to share their unique products with you. We cherish our regenerative farmers and thoughtful innovators that dream up fish jiggles and dehydrated quail eggs, nested in pork jerky & dusted with cranberry.

About Us

Jen & Kristi Maxwell


I saw Kristi walking 2 Shar Pei's down Church street on my way home from college. I thought she was super cute (hot, really) and responsible (because she was out walking dogs). We could have never dreamed that we'd start a business together just a few blocks away based on a mutual passion that dynamically evolved throughout our careers. We are super stoked to be here, to share and continue to learn and to nourish and support our companions so that they thrive alongside us.



1734 Church Street San Francisco, Ca, 94131